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Stop the Attack on our National Monuments

June 21, 2017

Stop the Attack on our National Monuments

Stop the Attack on Our National Monuments

Dear Friend of Wildlife,

Never before has it been more important to stand up for wildlife and our outdoor heritage.

The attack on our wild public lands and waters continues with Secretary Zinke’s recommendation to shrink protections for Bears Ears National Monument. Safeguards for 27 national monuments comprising millions of acres of irreplaceable wildlife habitat are at risk—they could be opened up broadly to energy development or entire protected areas slashed.

You have the power to reaffirm these protections for America’s wildlife and cherished landscapes. Please send your personalized message to the Department of the Interior before the public comment period closes.


The proposals under consideration are not minor changes—millions of acres throughout our nation are at risk of losing protections: woods and waters in Maine where moose, lynx and bald eagles live; spectacular canyons and red rocks in Utah that provide habitat for bighorn sheep and bears; ocean waters and atolls that endangered Hawaiian monk seal and five protected species of sea turtles rely on for survival.

Monument safeguards are crucial for wildlife because they prevent new mineral leasing—and subsequent drilling and mining—that disrupt and spoil wildlife habitats. If an area loses designation as a monument, there is nothing to prevent the Department of the Interior from leaving huge swaths of land and waters for development. Even more important, rolling back protections for monuments will set a dangerous precedent, undercutting the promise that these wildlife-rich areas will be protected in perpetuity.

Please take a minute to send your message opposing any reduction in our national monuments. Individualized comments carry more weight—so draw on your personal experiences or your passion for wildlife in your message. Your words do matter!

We need committed wildlife advocates like you to speak out before the comment period closes on July 10th. The more personalized comments we submit, the harder it will be for the administration to claim that safeguarding our wild public lands is not supported by the American people.

Thank you so much for all you do for wildlife.

Collin O'Mara

Collin O'Mara
Collin O’Mara
President & CEO
National Wildlife Federation Action Fund

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